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Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) has Packaging and prep requirements.

Not every business have the time and energy to spend measuring, repacking, labeling, wrapping, and palletizing to meet Amazon’s standards. We help top amazon sellers sell more by prepping all your Amazon FBA inventory for you while guaranteeing compliance with Amazon FBA requirements. e53 fulfillment company has all the necessary equipment, technology, and proven processes to handle any FBA PREP for your business. No matter the size of your FBA orders, let us handle it so you can spend more time on the matters that are making your business grow.

Your items are inventoried and inspected upon arrival. You’ll be notified when we receive them and informed of any damages that may have occurred during shipping.


The more time your product spends in prep, the more revenue you lose. That’s why we begin the FBA prep process as your products get to our warehouse. Using Amazon’s detailed requirements, each item is placed in a polybag and individually labeled. Meanwhile, your shipping plan is created and readied for the next step in our process.

Now that it’s ready for an Amazon Fulfillment Center, your inventory is updated in Seller Central and shipping labels are created. Your order will be on it’s way to Amazon in no time.

Ship to Amazon

Your order is on it’s way to a dedicated Amazon Fulfillment Center of your choosing. You’ll be notified when your order has left our warehouse and is closed out in our system.

  • Receiving, Inspection, Inventory Wrapping, Labeling, Invoicing.
  • Outbound Package Fee waived.
  • Free inventory Storage and listing.
  • Shipping Plan.
  • Support Phone.
  • Support Email.
  • Support Chat.


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Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) has Packaging and prep requirements.

  • Storage $0.53 per cubic feet
  • Receiving Fees : $0.75 per carton and $7.50 per pallet.
  • Labeling Fees per unit $0.21
  • Package Forwarding Fees (Amazon) : $3
  • Package Forwarding Fees (Website) : $2

We do inventory management and customize spreadsheets for you.

Allow us to show you the difference that we can make for your Amazon FBA business


Our Process

As Easy As 4 Steps

Providing Full Range Of Amazon Prep Services


Send us your merchandise

Ship your items to our facility using the carrier of your choice. We’ll set you up with our proprietary software to manage all of your shipments. You can send your items one-by-one, or send multiple pallets — no shipment is too large. We do not charge any fees for receiving pallets.


We Send Your Inventory to Amazon

Now that your inventory has been processed, it’s ready to be shipped to Amazon. We arrange daily pickups to get your inventory out the door fast so you can start earning money. We’ll use Amazon partnered carriers to make sure your goods get to Amazon quickly and safely.. Amazon will bill you directly for the shipping cost.


We Prep Your Merchandise

We will process your inventory fast and get it out the door in 48 hours or less. Once your products arrive to our facility, processing begins right away. This includes inspecting your items and preparing them for shipment to Amazon. Using the sub-account you created earlier, we create the FBA shipments, obtain FNSKU labels, upload shipment contents information, and prepare the shipping labels.


Amazon FBA Processes Your Products

Once your inventory arrives at Amazon’s FBA facilities, it will be processed quickly, and we guarantee that it will comply with their strict receiving guidelines. Part of our work is ensuring that we can quickly get your product from the manufacturer to live as soon as possible. If there are any issues, we’ll help resolve.